A Dynamic Media Business

Castle Media was founded in 2012, to buy Build It magazine from a larger publishing company. Calum, Claire and Katherine were the founding directors and shareholders, and each had over 20 years of experience running entrepreneurial businesses, including a large publishing and exhibitions business, which was floated on the London Stock Market.

The strategy for Castle Media was – and remains – very different: we strive to create exceptional value for our customers, be a great place to work, remain independent and invest for the long-term, rather than focusing on short-term growth at all costs.

Castle Media’s team has an energetic, can-do attitude, which has fuelled its substantial growth over the last 10 years. Its culture is to work hard, think as part of a team and, vitally, enjoy being at work.


Build It is the UK’s longest-running self build magazine and its mission is to deliver the detailed information consumers need to successfully build a high-performing house, on time and on budget.

As the next logical step of this mission, in 2019 the team finished building its very own house, using innovative new techniques and materials. The project was a UK first and Build It’s Self-Build Education House is now open to the public.

In 2022, we expanded our reach further, when we acquired SelfBuild & Design, another long-standing self build and renovation magazine. In late-2022, the two merged to create Build It, incorporating SelfBuild & Design, which now combines the best elements of both.

The success of the merger was then proven, when our ABC audit for 2022 revealed Build It to be the most popular self build and renovation title on the market, with the largest subscriber base.